CricViz history

Cricket has always been full of rich statistics but has traditionally lacked analytical insight. We founded CricViz in 2015 with the aim of creating a new narrative in cricket by building tools, models and platforms that help the fan to understand and engage. We began with our app and broadcasters, media and teams soon saw the value of this ground-breaking cricket intelligence - we now sell our analysis, data feeds and other products all over the world and continue to see demand increase as we develop cricket's new narrative.

Unrivalled data

By merging multiple sources of low, medium and high-fidelity cricket data together, we create a unique and unrivalled database.

Our live coverage spans all men and women's internationals (ball-by-ball and ball tracking), all T20 franchises and most domestic cricket from around the world.

We also collect our own fielding data, an area we're expanding on for 2020.

Technology. Data Science. Analysis

Our expertise and passion in delivering analytical sports products is based on years of experience within the industry. Our directors come from ESPN, ESPNcricinfo and Opta, building large databases from high-resolution data, and scaling products to millions of users.

It's our knowledge of how to scale, as well as the importance of data quality, that has helped CricViz to prosper, but we're always looking ahead. Most of our models are written in Python, and use machine learning (such as XGBoost) extensively. We run our own servers and hardware, giving us greater control of our data, and giving our customers faster, lighter feeds.


Soon after our launch, broadcasters were interested in the value we could offer to their live coverage. With fast, light APIs and new metrics to dig deeper into the performance of players, our editorial team were soon in the commentary box providing analysis to viewers around the world.

We work closely with production teams at Sky, Fox Sports and provide a comprehensive analytical service as well as a suite of live APIs that are ingested on-demand.

While we prefer to work in commentary boxes, we do offer a remote service using online comms tools like Slack, prompting producers with relevant and timely stats, lower-third or full-screen suggestions. Our automated APIs can then be polled to build the relevant graphic.



In 2019 we celebrated our fourth consecutive season as Sky's analytics supplier. We also provide editorial support on Sky's coverage of England's overseas tours and The Hundred draft, and work closely with the production and commentary teams to prepare them, and us, for each match.



CricViz is the official ICC analytics supplier and delivered a full support service on the 2019 Men's World Cup. This was our fifth global event supplying ICC, which included an increased service on ICC digital platforms


Cricket West Indies

Since 2018 CricViz has been Cricket West Indies' official digital partner. Designing and building a bespoke new content management system and website, we now turn our attention to increasing digital engagement with a revised match centre, exposure of our groundbreaking models, ticketing solutions and more.

Cricket West Indies

News Corp

CricViz started its broadcast services in Australia in 2015 and after three years servicing Channel Nine agreed a two-year contract with Fox Sports (8th October 2018). We also supply data editorial to the the principal News Corp mast head print and digital publications, meaning we reach an Australian audience in multiple ways

News Corp


The 2019 tournament was our second as PSL analytics supplier, bringing CricViz insight to fans on broadcast and digital - the tournament's live Twitter coverage featured our visualised analysis and story-telling


Cricket Victoria

After two seasons supplying Melbourne Renegades - including during the men's victorious BBL campaign of 2018/19 - we widened our agreement to become analytics supplier for the state men's team across all formats, Melbourne Stars (men and women's teams) and the Renegades

Cricket Victoria

Somerset CCC

CricViz supplied Somerset CCC with interesting statistics and graphics in all formats of the county circuit which formed a large part of their fan engagement in the summer of 2019, both in-ground and on their social media platforms

Somerset CCC

Oval Invincibles

CricViz was contracted to assist the Oval Invincibles’ draft strategy in the new Hundred competition. Along with working directly with the coaches and head coach, Tom Moody, a CricViz analyst was also present on the table during the live draft in October 2019.

Oval Invincibles


Ongoing data editorial and feed service, delivering CricViz models, graphics and insight on digital and print


Hindustan Times

CricViz has been working with the Hindustan Times print department since the end of 2018, supplying them bespoke editorial pieces, written by our experienced writers on interesting cricket stories

Hindustan Times

Phil Oliver  

Managing Director

Co-founded CricViz in 2015

Will Luke  

Chief Product Officer

Former Cricinfo journalist and senior product manager at ESPN and Omnigon

Travis Basevi

Chief Technology Officer

Former CTO at ESPN

Freddie Wilde  

Content Manager
Photo of Freddie Wilde, Ellipse Data Ltd
Started his career in cricket as a journalist before moving more specifically into T20 cricket, which naturally led towards data analysis. Freddie joined CricViz in 2017 and works in commentary boxes and directly with teams around the world

Charlie Hawley  

Photo of Charlie Hawley, Ellipse Data Ltd
Having started his sales career in Cyber Security, he quickly transitioned into his passion - sports. He's been with the company since the start of 2018, building a global client base

Ben Jones  


Patrick Noone  


Joined CricViz permanently in 2018 after seven years covering cricket and football with Opta. Now produces CricViz content for broadcasters, media outlets and professional teams around the world

Sam Green

Data Scientist
Photo of Sam Green, Ellipse Data Ltd

Callum Lucking  

Front-end Developer
Photo of Callum Lucking, Ellipse Data Ltd

JP Badenhorst

Lead Designer
Photo of JP Badenhorst, Ellipse Data Ltd

Srinivas Vijaykumar  


Gurveen Dhaliwal

Financial Controller

Imran Khan  

Senior Developer

Toby Felvus

Junior Developer

Richard Hawkes

Head of tennis editorial

Aidan Cooney

Non-exec director
Photo of Aidan Cooney, Ellipse Data Ltd
Experienced sport-data entrepreneur who has founded several successful businesses, including Opta and InCrowd Sports